Amy Sandoval

About Amy

Amy grew up in Northern California, playing under massive trees and finding secret places to fold herself into the wild world.

“I am particularly drawn to the symbolism all around us—the way everything can be a window into a deeper emotion or a more profound concept—and I seek to reflect that in everything I create.”

Chico is a wonderful place to be an artist. The people here are warm and authentic, and there is an astounding amount of talent everywhere you turn. What I find most inspiring, though, is the rare and particular beauty in our parks and wild spaces – they really are like nowhere else in the world. A lot of my pieces represent our local flora and fauna.

As a maker, my background is mainly in costume and fashion design, and many of the concepts I found appealing in that realm are what drew me to silversmithing. I get a lot of satisfaction from finding the balance between creative expression and efficient planning. And of course I love that you can say something with jewelry about the way you see the world, and about who you are and what you love.

Joy Garden Jewelry is entirely made from ethically sourced silver and gemstones, and is inspired by all the things that fill us with happiness.

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