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Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Materials

Handmade by Amy Sandoval

Joy Garden is a line inspired by cool mornings sitting with the simple beauty all around us. There’s a special alchemy in the glowing colors of dawn, the intertwining lives of the flora and fauna, and the layers of movement that can be as imperceptible as flower petals unfurling or quick as the flight of birds and the flash of shimmering water. Running through the collection is a celebration of light in all its aspects: reflections and refractions, illumination and radiance, and the transformative energy it pours into the world. Most of all, each piece is a love poem to something that fills me with joy.

Individually handmade using traditional silversmithing techniques, made with intention from ethically sourced materials

Amy Sandoval in Bidwell Park Chico, CA.

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